Integration Developer


Integration Developer


A Python programmer with special in integration and mathematics. Along with web developing as a side project, I can interface your project onto their application or if needed write your project from scratch.

I have worked with countless different APIs to intregrate my own or my client's applications into a new context. My integration work and experience have been mainly with financial transactions and cryptocurrency. Weaving applications or hardware together with cryptocurrency blockchains or using payment processors to provide high uptime and low infrastructure.


Most used techniques

Main programming languages. Experience in Flask and integration of Cryptocurrency into applciations

Made minor websites and sketch ups in html. Not a professional HTML developer, but I can create simple web interfaces and provide web designers with help.

Minor interactions on websites along with small Javascript applications


Most used methods

Payment processor
Implementation of payment processors into apps, scripts or hardware. From fiat currencies to cryptocurrency payment processors and direct implementation of cryptocurrency payment into an app or website.

Long history of cryptocurrency interests and communication between software and cryptocurrency. With great knowledge about cryptocurrency itself and the underlying technology. I can intergrate almost any cryptocurrency into any Python application.

Trading APIs
Experience with integration of trading APIs into bots for cryptocurrency exchanges and creating custom order types like stop-loss and moving average stop-loss.

SMS and calls
Worked with SMS intergrate into NanoSMS, an application for sending Nano cryptocurrency via SMS.

Currently working on

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Hardware to Payment processor

Integrating an emerging PoS provider's point of sale devices to cryptocurrency payment providers with simple plugins for expanablity. This enables them to easily add and remove payment providers as they desire.

Public contributions

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